Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My 18th birthday!

Hello world! I'm baaaaaack! 

Apologies for the no-posting period. Since my last post I've been rather busy; my exams have finished (finally!), I've been on holiday twice and most importantly, I turned 18!  Which brings me to the point of this post, my birthday...

So after a long year with each of my friends turning 18, it was finally my turn. To celebrate, I had all my friends over for a tea party/movie night. With the help of Pinterest, I'd collected a handful of ideas to use such as a balloon wreath, confetti balloons and my invitations!

I decided to mix two invitation designs I'd seen to include both my teaparty and movie night theme. With the use of a free download, an invite website and my Dad's work printer. I used the following resources to create my invite (which I stupidly forgot to take a picture of! Boo me).

I also decided to make a balloon wreath to help point out my house to my friends. With water balloons, pins and a flower wreath and I ended up with this! Whilst it was a little bit of a pain to make I loved the end result.

Seeing as I got back from a holiday with my friends on the Wednesday and my party was on the Friday I had quite a lot to do in 2 days. I did an ingredients shop at Tesco's, spent a whole day making and decorating cupcakes and meringues whilst also having to set up my house for the party! Below is a picture of my 150 mini meringues which I piped individually and was particularly proud of.

I was actually quite impressed with the transformation of my kitchen including how all the little things I'd  been collecting in the month before hand fitting together. And finally here are some pictures of how it looked! 

My mini meringues!

For the teaparty I made mini-sandwiches with jam, ham and cucumber, tuna mayonnaise and coronation chicken, cupcakes, scones with jam and cream, strawberry tarts, mini meringues, strawberries and mini chocolate bites. For drinks I had the necessary beverage for a TEA party, if it wasn't obvious enough, tea along with some pink bubbly to celebrate and some Schloer for all the drivers.

My friends also gave me a beautiful ring for my birthday along with a fab photo album with lots of pictures of the memories we've shared in. I absolutely love both of them and felt very blessed to have such a great group of friends surrounding me!

Then it was time for birthday cake! My cake was actually made by my brother's girlfriend who has recently started her own small cake business. I absolutely loved the cake and it tasted amazing. Although I think after it taking her so long to make, I don't think she actually wanted people to eat it!

And to finish the evening I set up a big screen projector to watch the surprise movie of the night, Pitch Perfect! I bought old-fashioned popcorn boxes for the popcorn and sweeties and brought all the cushions from my house down for people to sit on. It was so much fun and the film was a perfect end to a great party!

That's it then folks! I had such a brilliant time and was so pleased of how it all turned out.


  1. That is such an adorable, creative idea for a birthday party! I love the old movie idea you used - old tickets, projector, popcorn boxes. So cute!

    1. Thank you, it took a lot of planning but it paid off eventually! N x