Friday, 17 January 2014

Day trip to Brighton!

Last Monday I had to make a trip to Uni to hand in some assessments, so instead of making a long trip for a very boring reason, I invited my friend Sophie along so that we could spend a day exploring the town.

After dropping off my work, we needed breakfast. I'd heard of an American Diner near the beach which did a breakfast menu and after we found out about their pancakes there was no stopping us. Whilst walking there from the bus stop it started to chuck it down, and then when we eventually got there, it wasn't open. This led to a very wet, very windy and very long 5 minutewait down the side road next to the diner. However it was all worth it when our food arrived...

By the time this was placed in front of me I was starving... and so this was demolished. It was so delicious and filled me up for the whole day!

Next we started to explore Brighton which included looking through the shopping centre, high street and the notorious Brighton Lanes.

This was great fun but after a 5am start (my dad drove us on his way to work), we were both exhausted by about 2 o'clock and needed a good, old sit down and something to wake us up. So on a healthy whim we decided to get a juice and make our way to the train station to get our train. I got a watermelon, apple and raspberry juice and it was delicious!

Overall it was a great day and I had a lovely time exploring Brighton with Soph, even if I didn't end up buying anything.

Where have you visited recently?


  1. I love Brighton! I went last Summer and loved it so much! I want to go back soon! :) x

    1. I go to Uni there so I practically live there now! Absolutely love it
      N x